Thursday, March 31, 2016

Way Maker: Sinach.

Are you READY to face the second quarter of this year?

Do you feel fear of any kind as the second quarter draws nearer?

Are there doors that you knocked on and they refused to open for you this first quarter?

Is Daddy asking you to tread unfamiliar paths?

Still wondering: when and how your miracle will happen?

Are you asking that the light of the Lord permeate the dark recesses of your mind?

And many more questions you have that I have not mentioned.

Sweets, I cannot promise you that the burdens of your heart will be rolled away this minute and your petitions will be granted at once..,
but I have come to encourage you this morning to fix your gaze on Jesus: The Way Maker!

Take this along with you all the days of the second quarter: you are not alone. Say this confidently to yourself until these words form flesh in your heart

And as you step into the second quarter, step in with faith. And that is why I have come to inspire us with this song. Please, beyond the song, pay attention to the words and be connected [you could pray in the language of the Holy Ghost as you listen]. It promises to leave us empowered and fully equipped to step into the next phase of this year.

Always remember, you are NOT alone. He's never left you and He will not, ever!

A glorious entrance into April 2016 is my prayer for you.


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