Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birthday Eulogy for our dear mother: Princess!

Hey mama...

Today's your birthday.

And your birthday it is, dear mother.

Today, as always, we cherish your memory.

Today, as always, we thank God for blessing us with the rare privilege of been under your tutelage and care till you drew your last breath.

We could never trade the memory of your 45 years of sojourn on earth for anything in the world.

You came. You dazzled us and you left.

Tough (still cried this morning while with Daddy). But God has been faithful.

Still very fresh and painful. But God comforts us and soothes our pains at every step of the way.

We miss you sorely our dear mummy.

God knows we do.

Keep resting, our dear momma.

We love you today like we did when three of us came into the world through your womb of blessing.

Happy birthday, Princess Aniefiok-abasi...
We are singing for you so loudly in our hearts.
We are hugging you so tightly in our hearts.
We are kissing you so fondly in our hearts.
Keep resting.

...your daughters never forget.

From the three of us,
Happy birthday.


  1. Wow!!! That's so touching, I had to take my time to read it.. I'm sure she's very proud of the three of you and she's smiling in heaven... Happy birthday Mama.. Forever in our hearts

  2. We are grateful to God she's with Him

  3. Thank you mama... We surely miss you


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