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Seeking answers to the many questions that may be troubling your heart?

Three available options to send in your question(s):

  • Drop your question(s) as a comment in the comment box below.
  • Send me an email on
  • Send me a message on WhatsApp via: +2349032303391.
Either ways, let us remember (like I often say to people), "It is not in me: God shall give you an answer of peace" (I adapted this from Gen.41:16).

By implication, do not neglect the Person of the Holy Spirit as you throw your many questions at me. He has got all answers. Ask Him to always communicate the exact answers to the many questions in your heart to me. And I know He will.

In conclusion, we are all learning from each other.

Your sis,
Hephzibah - A small girl taught by the BIG God.

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