Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facing Impossibilities?

Memory Verse: "And the king and his men went to Jerusalem against the Jebusites, the people of the land: and they said to David, You will not come in here, but the blind and the feeble-footed will keep you out; for they said, David will not be able to come in here. But David took the strong place of Zion..." (2 Sam.5:6-7, BBE)

Scripture reading: Jere.32:26-27.

Israel had been in the Promised Land for many years. Yet no one had been able to capture Jerusalem. To the inhabitants of that city, David looked like just another adventurer who was destined to fail. After all, their city had walls that seemed impregnable and easy to defend. 

They were so confident that they boasted, "You shall not come in here." They felt that even the blind and the lame could defeat David. Yet David achieved the impossible and "took the stronghold of Zion." How had he succeeded when so many others had failed? First, he was determined and dedicated to complete the task, no matter how difficult. Second, he and his men displayed ingenuity and creativity in their strategy and tactics. Third, he depended on God, and because of their faith in Him, He blessed their efforts. 

Today, like David, you may be facing challenges that seem impossible. Others may have tried and failed. You may feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the obstacles. But the Bible tells us that, with God, all things are possible, and nothing is impossible if you will only believe. As you face the challenges of life, do not allow doubt to fill your mind, or dominate your thinking. Follow David's example. Be determined to complete the tasks God has given you. Ask Him for the strategies, tactics, and resources that will lead to success. Look for creative solutions. 

Have faith in Him and commit your ways to God, and seek His blessings. Then believe Him for favour, success, and victory in everything you do! Have faith that He will give you success! 

Ponder Point: We would accomplish many more things if we do not think of them as impossible.

Action Point: Build your faith using God's Word so you can believe Him for victory over impossible situations and tasks.

Prayer: Father, I commit (mention the seemingly impossible situations and tasks to Him). I believe You for success. I believe that You can do everything, and that nothing is impossible for You. Thank You for victory in Jesus name, Amen.

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