Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Believer's Greatest Asset

The Presence of the Lord.

Memory Verse: "Moses said, "if your presence doesn't take the lead here, call this trip off right now."" (Ex.33:15, MSG)

Scriptural Reading: Ps.114:1-8.

Sometime ago, I carried out a mini research and the purpose of that research was to find out from my [biological and spiritual] sisters and a few brothers of mine as well, the one thing ladies and indeed women generally cannot do without!

It was a very interesting research and as expected, one answer differed from another; but I discovered that there was a common denominator: powder and mirror! I can never forget one lady's response, she said: "the powder that comes with a mirror, very important!" This cracked me up but you see, as funny as it sounds, it is true: most ladies will never go out without these in their handbags.

Friends, what powder that comes with a mirror is to a woman is what the presence of God is to the believer: an asset! It is an error to go on any assignment or embark on any journey (no matter how short) without God's presence. Moses had experienced what it was like to be without God's presence (Ex.2:11-15) and he did not want a repeat of that experience; little wonder he insisted that God's presence must go with him, this time.

By application of today's devotional in our individual lives, we should always desire God's presence every moment of our day. This is important because only one thing makes us different from the rest of the world: God's unique presence among us, permeating all that we are. It's not that we teach. It's not that we sing. It's not that we entertain- the world does all of that. What makes us different is God among us.

Therefore, seek His presence. Crave for His presence. Pursue His presence and [then], begin to experience all the blessings that come with His presence in your life.

Ponder Point: It doesn't matter who is absent, as long as God is present, your life is complete.

Action Point: Desperately pursue God's presence.

Prayer: Daddy, today, tomorrow and always, envelope me with Your presence and let the manifestation of Your divine presence in my life be evident for all to see in Jesus name, Amen.

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