Friday, June 10, 2016

Hearing From God

Memory Verse: "In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream at night; and God said, 'Ask what you wish me to give you.'" (1 Kgs.3:5, NASB)

Scripture Reading: 1 Kgs.3:1-28.

When God appeared to Solomon in Gibeon, he had been king for a short time. He told Solomon that He would give him whatever he asked. When Solomon asked for wisdom, God promised to give him wisdom, while also granting him riches and honour.

Based on this exchange, we might assume that Solomon had developed a close relationship with God, that they would speak together often. But the Bible tells us that it was twenty years later that "the Lord appeared to him a second time," in the twenty-fourth year of his reign- 1 Kgs.9:1-2. 

Why had God waited so long to speak to him again? Perhaps He simply had been silent. But we also can imagine that He might have tried to talk with Solomon, but that he, Solomon might simply have been busy. Perhaps he had taken God for granted and squeezed Him out of his life.

The effect of Solomon taking God for granted and squeezing God out of his life was seen in the later days of Solomon's life.

We too like Solomon, can fall into the trap of being too busy for God. We might not even realize how long it has been since we spent quality time with Him. The Bible makes it very clear that God wants us to treasure these times in His presence. That He wants us to talk with Him, and share our needs and concerns with Him. And He wants us to listen to His words, meditate upon them, remember them, and put them into practice.

Ask yourself if you are too busy to spend time with God. Sweet, when was the last time God spoke to you? Spend quality time with Him today. Call on Him. Tell Him your concerns. Be honest with Him. Seek His wisdom. Read His Word. Worship Him. And don't take Him for granted. Linger in His presence, listening quietly. Confident that He loves you, and wants to draw closer to you.

Ponder Point: Hearing from God [constantly] is the most important thing in life and it is the proof of intimacy with Him.

Action Point: Create time for God.

Prayer Point: Father, I long to hear Your voice, and to fellowship with You. Speak to me. Convict me of sin. Grant me Your wisdom. Help me to live for You, serve and please You in Jesus name. Amen.

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