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The Wedding Vow (II)

The Wedding Vow:

"I, Mary, take thee Joseph, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till in death we part, and with this ring I thee wed, and with my body I thee honour, and pledge my faithfulness."

We began examining this subject last Monday and having received help from God, I'm excited to share the concluding part with us. It is my sincere expectation that the wisdom contained in this article will find practical expressions in your [marriage] relationship in Jesus name, Amen.

Continuing from where we stopped.

Follow me.

  • In Sickness And In Health.

Oh sure I believe God with you that neither you nor your spouse will have any occasion to deal with sickness: you both will bounce great in good health (Amen!). I mean, good health is part of the many benefits that Christ offers us. But what happens when your spouse is challenged in the body? Who remembers Job? I want to believe we also remember what his spouse said to him? By way of suggestion, please, sit with the book of Job, it's a book worth reading.

Sweets, blessed be God for redemption, but the truth is, people fall sick. You may be one that sickness fears and respects; but have you considered your spouse if sickness fears and respects her too?

The point is, this particular line of the wedding vow leaves you with the commitment to be with your spouse "in sickness and in health." There is no room for leaving.

  • To Love And To Cherish.

Jesus Christ, our perfect example has always modeled to us that the word "love" is not an emotion, but rather, it is an action word. Oh my dear lover boy, there are days you may not feel this love. Same applies to you, lover girl. But then, your commitment to "love and cherish" puts a check on you. You keep loving even when you don't feel like loving (amen!).

Oh there, maybe you're in doubt about what true love is, check out 1 Cor.13:1-13. Sit with these couple of verses. It will give you a practical insight into this all important subject of love.

Worthy of mention under this line of the wedding vow is that "any man or woman who hasn't encountered the love of God as an individual will have little or no love to give to another." This is true because this love overflows to those around us, including our spouse. The secret therefore, is to first have a love encounter with the Father. Only then, would we able to keep this line of the wedding vow.

  • Till In Death We Part.

Ever heard that, "marriage isn't for quitters"? Marriage is a lifelong contract (See Rom.7:1-3). If you desire to be married and somewhere in your heart, you are nursing the thought of divorce, please, DON'T get married (at least not yet). It shows you are not ready to be married.

God never thought of divorce when He instituted marriage. Divorce is the devil's strategy to thwart the original plan and purpose God has for marriage and family. It is okay if the people of the world do this, but it shouldn't be you. There are somethings that shouldn't be associated with the believer and divorce is one of it (See Mal.2:16).

That is why as believers, we should be properly guided when choosing a spouse. Be sure that God has given you and your [would-be] spouse a word to build your marriage relationship on. The wind will blow against your marriage. Rain will come. Remember, it is only the marriage relationship which was founded on the WORD of God that will stand.

Asides death, nothing must be allowed to separate you and your spouse.

  • With This Ring I Thee Wed.

I am deeply attached to the ring finger and consequently to the wedding ring (or the wedding band as some people call it) as well and that is because of the understanding the Lord has given to me about the wedding ring.

Very recently, the home of my cousin's husband was invaded by armed robbers and one of the things they carted away with was his wedding ring. In his words, he said to me, "I feel naked." I could immediately understand how he felt. This is a man that understands the mystery of the wedding ring that's why he could feel this way! But then I said to him by way of encouragement that "another ring would come and this time, a better one and it will give you both the opportunity to make deeper [spiritual and word-inspired] pronouncements on your [new] rings and also re-affirm your commitment to each other again." And I want to believe he was encouraged.

Yes I know that there are people committing adultery with their wedding rings on because it doesn't mean anything to them. That is not what this post is about. This post is directed to a number of us who have regard for the wedding ring. Amongst other things, it symbolizes the lifelong commitment you made to your spouse on your wedding day. O soon-to-be married or married reader, let your ring serve as a constant reminder of the covenant you will make or have made (for the already married) before God and your cloud of witnesses.

  • With My Body I Thee Honour.

Giving your body to your spouse shows that you honour him or her.

In the marriage relationship, God has given very clear instructions concerning sexual intercourse (See 1 Cor.7:1-5). According to this passage, the rights of a wife are equal to that of her husband in the marital bed. Abstaining from sexual intercourse is only permissible when it is by mutual consent and it should be for a short period of time when you are both given to a time of prayer and fasting.

Through inspiration, Solomon told his son to find sexual fulfillment within marriage (See Prov.5:15-23).

Sweetheart, don't let the 'gospel' of any anti-christ deceive you, there is no marriage in heaven. And by implication, there is no sex too. So, why deny your spouse the right to your body? Is there something you are keeping it for? Since there is none, I advise, please have plenty and meaningful sex with your spouse: it is good for the health of your marriage. And the church say, Amen!

  • And Pledge My Faithfulness.

I can end with this picture quote by daddy Myles (of blessed memory). But I will just add a little note to these wise words.

Very serious is the marriage covenant that God has allowed only one reason for divorce: adultery (See Matt.19:1-9).

I love the book of Proverbs because it is a book on instructions and it speaks at great length about the necessity of sexual fidelity (See 6:23-35).

Friends, it is easier to cheat but God-loving people are faithful people. Learn faithfulness as a single and keep being faithful as a married person. If the thought of sexual infidelity comes to your heart, let the words of Solomon in this same book keep you in check, "Stolen melons are the sweetest; stolen apples tastes the best! But they don't realize that her former guests are now citizens of hell" (9:17-18, TLB).


If you have taken the wedding vows (or would soon take one), the need to take them seriously cannot be overemphasized. If you are having problems in your marriage, don't think that they will be resolved by leaving the Lord. Your marriage will be enriched and your home blessed only as you both walk with Lord.

What more? Like I said earlier in my previous article, wedding vows are not the only life-altering vows you can commit your life to. Becoming a believer and dedicating your life to the service of the Lord is the most important vow. It not only offers you earthly benefits, it secures you eternal benefits as well. The same way we look forward to our wedding day (for those of us getting married), we as believers should much more anticipate the marriage supper where we (His bride) will be joined to our Groom, the Man: Jesus in eternal union and new birth is our ticket to this wedding.

You may miss getting married on earth, but you CANNOT afford to miss this other wedding. If you're yet to commit to this life-altering vow, please CLICKMeet My Oldest Boyfriend.

God bless you.

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