Praise Report

As a proof that God is making this blog truly answer to its name by causing your life to be transformed by His words shared on this platform, please send us your praise reports to the glory of God.

By so doing, you will:

  • Cause God to do more for you, 
  • Others will be inspired and
  • I will be encouraged.

Thank you.


  1. This month of August 2016, I had an encounter with the world of darkness after which I began considering leaving the christian faith. I was more like a mockery to myself.

    Just then I read the devotional message for Monday, August 22, 2016 titled, (When) Leaving Is Not An Option.

    The Holy Spirit from Is.59:19 empowered me to begin asking myself questions and also answering them myself after the order of Apostle Paul. I also asked myself (based on the new revelation I now have from the devotional), 'If I should leave now, who will I serve? The devil? No! God forbid. If I leave, how do I obtain the promises God gave me by His direct voice from Heb.6:15?'

    From that word, I understood that the higher the calling, the greater the opposition.

    My testimony is that, God used this word to preserve my faith. Today, I am still in the faith serving the LORD fervently in the spirit (Rm.12:11).

    Please, inform the world about my testimony. Beloved Hephzibah, you are indeed a blessing to the world at large and a rescue agent from God to the dying world. Remain blessed as you write.

    -Nelson Onyekachi Joseph N.

    1. Wow.
      This praise report made my Wednesday.
      God is mega faithful.
      We would be praying for you (I personally would and I'm sure others will) that your faith fail not. I love you brother.
      Remain blessed.


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