Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nurturing Your Seed

This is an image of a dead seed.

A seed [an indeed, any seed] dies if not properly nurtured.

In like manner,

"A dream doesn't die because it has no truth. It dies because you failed to nurture it." 
(Susie Clevenger)

Having said that, I go ahead to establish this hard truth: "There are NO shortcuts to nurturing the seed of purpose."

Friends, the purpose you do not work (nurture) will not work.

Imagine a farmer that handles his seeds with levity during the planting season, what becomes of him during harvest despite the inbuilt fruit-bearing capacity of his seeds?

As a sequel to my previous article (You and Your Seed.), I will be sharing with us three truths that has helped me in nurturing my own seeds and it is my sincere prayer that these will work for you as well in Jesus name.

They are...

  • Believe in your purpose. When God calls you to do something, you will be tested, ridiculed and resisted. People will not readily believe in you or show up to support you (I consciously remind myself of this truth). The question then is, will you keep moving in the direction God is leading you to even if it seems like only Jesus supports you? You have to trust God all the way as He will never ask you to do what He has not well equipped [and prepared] you for. (See Phil.2:13 and Phil.4:13)

  • You will need at least a "shoulder" to stand on. Sir Isaac Newton said: "If I have seen any farther, it is because I stood on the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of me." There is somebody somewhere presently making waves in the area(s) God may be calling you to. Ask the Holy Spirit to order your steps to where your helpers in destiny are. Spiritual sensitivity and humility to recognise and follow them even as the Holy Spirit guides you are the virtues required.

  • Your purpose is connected to others. Making impact or fulfilling purpose does not have to always be in a dream or establishment originated by you. While some people are starters or originators of dreams and visions, others are great contributors and sustainers of existing dreams. Nurturing your seed of purpose ain't about who initiated the dream but about the value we bring and the impact we make through the dream, so WHY struggle to initiate or start your own thing when you can simply plug into other people's dreams and still fulfill your purpose, even when you are not the originator of the dream. Meaningful contributions and making impact is the key to fulfilling your purpose within other people's dreams.
There you go people...
Do whatever you want with these.


Never make the mistake of living an ordinary life: your generation will not forgive you. Why settle if God is calling you to do more?

If you were thinking of settling, think about the destinies tied to yours?

Step out. Discover your life's purpose. Fight for your seed and live POWERFULLY. Remember, you are unstoppable!

Live your life on purpose.

PS: Okay..., you have a question that reads, "I've prayed, fasted and I still do not know my purpose and I want to know. What do I do?"

If that's you or sounds like anybody you know, wait for my next article, it promises to answer your question.



  1. what a great article...nothing more fulfilling and frustration ending like nurturing the seed of destiny deposited in us. thank u my dear sister


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