Monday, April 11, 2016

Powered Lips: March 2016

A Repeat Broadcast 

[21/03 5:21 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 21, 2016.


When the devil wants to destroy a man, he isolates him and gives him a false confidence that he does not need people because he is sufficient all by himself.

This truth informs our prayer for today and we are taking our cue from Eccl.4:9-10.

PRAYER 1 of 7: "Father, deliver me from the trap of self-sufficiency."

NB: Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you pray and study His word today and for the next 6 days. He will show you "how to" labour in the word and in the place of prayer. He will speak to you and show you things to come. As He does, write them down and run with them. Above all, I trust God that your prayer and word study life will experience a leap from where it is to a new level.

Your testimony is sure.

[22/03 1:05 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 22, 2016.


"One day I had a very important, yet simple meeting to attend. I opened my wardrobe. In there are all manner of clothes: native, continental, all sorts. All are my clothes- to be worn. I touched a skirt suit on a hanger, touched a trouser suit, touched a dress, ran my hands through the clothes. I picked one dress, but NO! It's not well ironed, it's a bit rough, so it's not ready to be worn. Off it went to the ironing board. I picked a blouse and thought, "Yes, this would do on a pair of trouser." Then I noticed it had a small stain hidden on the collar. I shook my head: "this one is dirty and not ready to be won." Quick-quick to the laundry. Then my eyes fell
on a very simple skirt suit: "OK, you can come and do this outing with me." I wore the suit for the meeting." [As shared with me by one of my role models]

This "simple skirt suit" illustration informs our travail in the place of prayer today BECAUSE we understand that we have a minimum number of about 7 billion persons in the world (PS: Some of these persons are better than you) AND:

-As one with a great destiny, gifts, callings, talents and must be preferred.
-As a job seeker or must be the preferred one.
-As one in need of a miracle from must be the preferred.
-As a single man or woman desiring to be must be the chosen one.
-As long as you are alive, wherever you show must be preferred.

PRAYER 2 of 7: "Like Esther, Like Daniel, Lord, prepare me to be preferred." (Esther 2:1-17; Dan.1:8-9, 17, 19-21)

Your testimony is sure.

[23/03 7:04 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 23, 2016.


There is no tragedy that can be compared to having potentials that were not given full expression.

We will be travailing today along these lines:

PRAYER 3 of 7: "O God, the voice of my destiny, my generation must hear." (Is.60:1-22)

Your testimony is sure because like Paul, the voice of your destiny will keep resounding even long after you are gone.

[24/03 6:42 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 24, 2016.


When God points to a deficiency (weakness) in your life, He is introducing you to your next miracle.

Many Christians think that they need deliverance when all they really need is [internal, NOT external] discipline. No matter the greatness of your destiny, no matter how anointed, gifted, skilled and or talented you are; without discipline, you CANNOT go far in destiny. If you are in doubt, ask King Solomon, Samson, Prophet Eli and his two sons- Hopni and Phenehas.

Some areas of deficiencies (weakness) that require discipline:
- Your mouth: Ps.34:12-13.
-Your taste: Phil.3:17-19.
-Your sleep: Prov.24:33-34.
-Pleasure: Prov.21:17, Jms.5:5.
-Emotions, especially sexual emotions: Heb.12:15-17, 1 Cor.9:24-27.

And any other deficiency God may be pointing at in your life.

As we go before the Lord in prayer today, we are saying:

PRAYER 4 of 7: "Father, like Joseph, give me the grace to become a law to myself." (Gen.39:1-12)

Your testimony after today's prayer is guaranteed because you will fulfill destiny.

[25/03 3:58 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 25, 2016.


The account of Joseph and Daniel in Gen.41 and Dan.2 respectively are the pillars on which we're travailing in the place of prayer today.

I will advice us to study and meditate on those two chapters so when we go before the Lord, we will do so with great understanding.

PRAYER 5 of 7: "Father, in the name of Jesus, organize events for my lifting after the order of Joseph and Daniel." (Prov.18:16)

Your supernatural lifting is guaranteed.

[26/03 6:50 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 26, 2016.


If there is one thing the devil targets, it is your spiritual intensity (fire) and our spiritual intensity is built by the combination of these:

1. Feeding constantly on the word of God AND
2. Committing ourselves to intense spiritual exercise of prayer and fasting.

And that is why, we must jealousy guard our spiritual intensity.


Friends, ANYTHING that steals your spiritual intensity may have stolen your destiny. 

I am yet to meet a man that lost his spiritual intensity and still fulfilled his God ordained destiny. Do you know any? I don't think so!

I join my faith with yours this morning and I pray for you that it will never be said of you that your best time with God was in the past.

Friends, don't rush to pray this prayer. Don't rush to say Amen. Pause. Ponder. Reflect. Then pray.

When we go before the Lord in the place of prayer this sixth day, we are going to praying thus:

PRAYER 6 of 7: "O God, make me a burning and a shining light." (Jn.5:35)

In conclusion, so you can see the result of this prayer, Look for believers whose spiritual intensity are burning and shining and connect with them so your fire will not be put out.

God bless you.

[27/03 3:03 AM] I_am_Blessed: March 27, 2016.


The subject of faith cannot be divorced from righteousness. You cannot engage God without righteousness.

Friends, any gospel that permits laxities will wreck your destiny- Jude 1:3-4 (If you can read these verses with the NLT Bible, please do). I tell you the truth because I will not deceive you: "You can walk to hell through church."

How's that?

Righteousness is by conviction AND lifestyle; NOT merely church attendance- 1 Jn.3:6-10.

Therefore, we will be travailing on the altar of praying using these lines:

PRAYER 7 of 7: "O God, whatever is contaminating others in this world, cleanse me from it. Help me to stand clean." (Zech.3:1-10, 2 Tim.2:19-21, 1 Jn.5:17-21).


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