Sunday, April 03, 2016

Kick-Off of Powered Lips || Power To Break Forth In Destiny




To break under pressure and give in to temptations or take 'short cuts' instead of going through the process is to tell God: "Take my glorious destiny and give me a mediocre destiny." (Prov.24:10)

Those who celebrate the pressures of life are men and women God often thrusts into their God-ordained destinies.

It is pressure that makes the orange bring forth juice. Until you are pressured, squeezed...what God has put IN you may never come out of you- 2 Cor.4:7-18. May excellence be squeezed out of you whenever the pressure of your destiny's assignment calls in Jesus name.

PRAYER 1 of 7: "My Father, like Hannah, I receive inner strength not to break under the pressure of destiny. Cause me to channel the pressure to break forth in the birth of my destiny in Jesus name."

By way of suggestion, I will say that in addition to the prayers, please, fully commit yourself to fasting and word eating these 7 days. These three things go together. Also, be sensitive to pick spiritual signals as they pop up.


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