Monday, April 04, 2016

Ready For Your Next Level?


The worst thing that can happen to any man is when his destiny-defining moment of opportunities meets him unprepared.

Or what do you say of a man that has been working faithfully behind the scene and suddenly, when he least expects, an opportunity that's capable of thrusting him into limelight knocks at his door and for some reason, he's not ready for it at that moment.

I join my faith with yours and I pray for you that your destiny-defining moments of opportunities will meet you fully  prepared!

But one way this will happen amongst other things is by prayer.

Going before the Lord this morning, we are going to be praying along these lines even as we take our anchor from Esther 7:1-10; 8:1-17:

PRAYER 2 of 7: "O God, my Father, prepare me for where You are taking me to. Let my destiny-defining moment of opportunities never meet me unprepared in Jesus name."

PS: In case you missed the first series of Powered Lips, don't despair. It will be 're-shared' on this blog after these series is completed.

Have a blessed week.

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