Friday, April 08, 2016

Igniting the Fire of Revival


If there is ever a time (again) for a spiritual revival through the Word of God and Prayer, it is today.

Often when Christians talk about revival, they envision large congregations, masses of people at a crusade, with all the hype and emotion that happens when crowds of people gather together. Certainly, experience plays an important part in revival: an experience of the sovereignty, majesty, glory and excellence of God as a Person...BUT revival is often when God speaks to us through His Word, simply and plainly, feedING (present continuous tense) us until our spiritual hunger is satisfied.

Quoting Mathew Henry,
"When God intends a great mercy for His people, the first thing He does is to set them 'a-praying.'"

Reflecting on Ps.85:6, the word used in this prayer for 'revive' does not mean bringing back from the dead, that's resurrection. Revival is fanning into flame a dying spark.

When a Church is dead...There can be no revival there. But where a small spark remains, where a faithful, praying remnant remain, then the Holy Spirit can fan that into a flame again.

The crux of this prayer is 'Revive US again' NOT 'fill our empty pews, give us bigger congregations and more numerous converts'- these are the outcome of revival, not revival itself. Revival is first of all personal- God dealing us with as individuals.

Sweets, revival is THE solution to the believer's state of backsliding, his coldness of heart, his lack of zeal and enthusiasm. It is the solution to the church's lack of evangelistic witness and joy in worship. Revival is also the solution to the needs of the world, economic, political and interpersonal.

Therefore, with the sons of Korah in Ps.86:6, we cry, "Revive US again."

PRAYER 6 of 7: "O God, bring about deep conviction of sin, spiritual brokenness, a holy fear for God and genuine repentance among Your people this end time in Jesus name." (2 Cor.7:10)


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