Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Be Still

Memory Verse: "Be at peace in the knowledge that I am God..." (Ps.46:10, BBE)

Scripture Reading: Mk.4:35-41.

Sometime ago, I was en route Uyo (Akwa Ibom State's capital in Nigeria) from Calabar, Cross River State. On my arrival at the park,
my wonderful hostess gave me an instruction on how to get home via a tricycle (PS.: Tricycles, aka "Keke"  or "Maruwa" are the most common locomotives in Uyo) as it would take longer time for her to come pick me up as I had already arrived the park before calling her. She spoke with the tricyclist- telling him where he will drop me and all that. My responsibility was to sit still while the tricyclist drives me to my destination.

As we journeyed, I sat still behind. I began to reminisce on God's faithfulness and I also took my time to enjoy the serenity of the environment when Ps.46:10 dropped in my spirit and I began to talk to converse with my Oldest Boyfriend, the Holy Spirit.

He told me that, everyone alive on earth on the path of purpose is on a journey with a defined destination. He is the Driver while the [privileged] visioner is only but a follower. And what do followers do? They simply follow. To enjoy a smooth ride, He expects us to remain still [in our hearts], just as I was and watch Him take us to our expected end.

Two lessons I learnt from that: First, Only still followers enjoy divine rest. Entering God's rest makes us cease from our own labour. This rest eliminates anxiety of 'when' will I get there. Delivers us from the trap of fear and doubt of 'will I ever get there?' And also sets us free from trying to force or manipulate things to happen. Secondly and most importantly, it taught me that, There will always be 'potholes', 'go-slow' and 'hold-ups' as you walk the path of purpose despite the fact that the Holy Spirit is the One driving. He expects us to trust Him through all of these.

So, when you're faced with a seemingly impossible situation on your path to purpose, in your marriage, family, academics, career, business or finance, say to yourself in faith, 'Chill, God's got this.' And I promise you, He will step in as long as you are at peace in the knowledge that He is God.

Ponder Point: To the heart that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

Action Point: Be still. Follow His lead.

Prayer Point: I speak stillness into my heart as I travel through this journey to my expected end. I cease from my own labour of forcing OR trying to manipulate things to happen. In Your time LORD, Your promise for my life will come to pass, in Jesus name, Amen.

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