Thursday, May 19, 2016

Overcoming Problems

Image from the movie, War Room.
Memory Verse: "The advice of Ahithophel, which he gave in those days, was as if one inquired of the word of God; so was all the advice of Ahithophel regarded by both David and Absalom." (2 Sam.16:23, NASB)

Scripture Reading: 2 Sam.16

Ahithophel was so highly respected that his advice was considered like "the word of God." For David, this presented monumental problems. After hearing that Ahithophel had switched sides, and joined the conspiracy led by Absalom, David prayed, "Make the counsel of Ahithophel foolishness" (2 Sam.15:31). This must have seemed like an impossible request. [Or] what do you think?!

As Absalom considered his options, he naturally turned to Ahithophel, who advised that he take immediate action. But Absalom wanted to hear the thoughts of Hushai, who, like Ahithophel, had served David. But there was one difference: Hushai remained loyal to David. (David had asked Hushai to return to Jerusalem to offset the presence of Ahithophel.)

Hushai argued that Ahithophel's advice was "not good." He lobbied for a delay so all Israel could gather for war and Absalom personally lead them into battle. Hushai's advice won the day. As a consequence, David received a reprieve, and the time he needed to prepare.

Hushai's counsel had been taken not because he was wiser than Ahithophel, but because God had answered David's prayer: "For the Lord had ordained to thwart the good counsel of Ahithophel" (2 Sam.17:5-14). And Ahithophel felt so rejected that he committed suicide.

How do we react when we face obstacles and problems? These are opportunities to learn from David's reaction. To turn to God. To cry out to Him and commit our problems, adversaries, weaknesses, and needs to Him, no matter how impossible they might seem.

Today, what problems do you face? Commit them to God. Ask for His wisdom and guidance. Believe Him for answers, and victory. He can help you overcome overwhelming obstacles. Have faith in Him for what may seem impossible.

Ponder Point: Every one faces challenges in life. It's a matter of "how" you overcome them and use them to your advantage.

Action Point: To overcome problems [in any department of your life or nation], turn to God in prayer

Prayer Point: Lord, concerning these seemingly impossible situation in my life [and in my nation], I turn to You. Sharpen my tongue. Power my words. Teach me how to pray even as I believe You for victory in Jesus name, Amen.

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