Friday, September 30, 2016

Keep In Remembrance

Memory Verse: "...He gave you water from the rock..." (Deut.8:15, NIV)

Scripture Reading: Deut.8:1-20.

Today's September 30: the day before the new month and on a day like today, it's the 'Keep In Remembrance' phrase that keeps coming to my heart.

I don't know why but some people need to reminded about God's goodness in their lives. Seems like, they're swimming in the sea of forgetfulness when it comes to thanksgiving and appreciation of God's goodness in their individual lives.

In Deuteronomy 8, we see Moses reminding Israel of all the amazing things God has done for them, and how He has always looked after them. You'd think that walking through a sea would be enough reminder on its own. Apparently not! 

But sweets, wait a minute, before we point a finger at these guys and judge them for their short memories and general unfaithfulness, we reckon we are not much different. 

Ever been through a tough time that you prayed your socks off about? Then seen God come through for you in a way you were certain you'd never forget? Then, later, found yourself thinking, 'I will get around to spending time with God soon, it does not have to be now. If I only give into temptation a little bit, I am sure He will forgive me. I like doing this, so would God really have forbidden it?' It is too easy to slip down that road.

Forgetting about God when the pressure's off and we are relaxing on the far side of the wilderness is at best ungrateful. At worst, it is all but fatal for our relationship with Him.

In another wilderness miracle, God made a rock split open and enough water spring up to quench the thirst of a nation. And yet, Israel forgot, and went back to moaning quicker than you can say, 'Wait, wasn't that a miracle that showed God cared for them?' 

If there is anything we owe God this day, it is our thankfulness. Do you still have your thanksgiving journal? If you do not have yours, it is not too late to get one. Start thinking. Start writing. Start thanking. Start praising. Start worshipping. Never forget God's faithfulness (Mal.2:1-4). Keep them in remembrance.

As you go about today, whenever you get a drink (probably not from a rock), thank God for yet another thing He's done for you.

Let's have a daily challenge, what do you think? Good right?! Okay, bring out your thanksgiving journal (hope you still have yours?), write down atleast 10 (it can be more) Names of Who God has been to you since the beginning of this year. Use these Names to offer your venison of thanksgiving and appreciation to Him. This way your thanksgiving will be richer and more specific.

Ponder Point: When you fall to your knees to ask God for help, don't forget to fall back to your knees and say thank you when He answers.

Action Point: Remember God's goodness.

Prayer Point: O LORD, help me never to forget on my best days that I need You desperately as I did on my worst days. I curse the spirit of forgetfulness and 'unthankfulness' in Jesus name, Amen.

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