Thursday, September 29, 2016

Laying Hold Of Your Desired Victory

Memory Verse: "And He said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." (Jesus in Lk.10:18, NKJV)

Scripture Reading: Eph.6:10-18.

Have you ever had a really tough week where things change quickly both personally and otherwise? In those times it seems like everything goes from bad to worse and we begin to feel like our lives are out of control. Sometimes it feels like Satan is gaining ground and we are helplessly watching without any ability to slow his pace. Yet the truth is that, the devil does not get to win.

At the end of time, Satan and his demons will be thrown into the lake of fire to be tormented every single day and night forever (see Is.14:12-20). He knows that he is in a losing battle so it is his agenda to take as many people as he can with him to hell. The devil will do everything it takes to get those who are not going with him to fail. He uses other people to frustrate, persecute, and ridicule the saints of God. Even if Satan wins a scuffle every now and then, I want you to know that, he is losing and not gaining ground every day.

As believers, we stand in the gap for our family and friends that are deceived by the devil. We do this as we intercede and witness to them. Our testimony of God's grace and deliverance over our lives is a powerful weapon against the devil. In addition, as we learn God's word—we fight Satan in the battle of our minds and we lay hold of our much desired victories when we speak God's word of truth to counter his lies in any situation.

The only way Satan can win is if we give up or give in. 

Also, when we stop praying and reading God's word, we allow our flesh to dictate our response to difficulty and disappointments. As soldiers of Jesus Christ, we must fight back against the enemy every single day and never give up. We do not fight with our words, bows or arrows but with the sword of the Spirit (Eph.6:17). We are equipped with the power of Jesus' name to drive out demons from our presence.

Satan never sleeps and he will never stop deceiving until his final day before judgment. Yet we do not have to cower in fear of him because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world (1 Jn.5:4). He is a defeated foe and he does not get to win. Do not let him. He has had his hands on your stuffs for a while now. It is time to recover your marriage, family, health, finances, academics, relationships, business and all that is associated with you. 

Go ahead and take your victory [on your knees].

Ponder Point: The victory is yours when you are well-dressed for warfare.

Action Point: When fighting, fight from the standpoint of victory.

Prayer Point: Dear Lord, help me to remember that Satan is defeated and to stand up against his tactics using your word and praying in your name. I pray for your Spirit to drive me towards victory every single day in Jesus name, Amen.

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