Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pillars Of A Godly Life (V)

Memory Verse: "You are the light that shines for the world to see. You are like a city built on a hill that cannot be hidden." (Matt.5:14, ERV)

Scripture Reading: Matt.5:13-16, Dan.1:1-21.

If you want to survive the days we live in as a believer, you must make yourself known as a child of God (see Matt.7:20). Let people know who you are by the kind of fruits your life is emitting.

I agree that there are a couple of 'Christians' who emit fruits that aren't christian-like and when we say we are Christians, the world find it hard to believe us because in their minds, we (believers and unbelievers) are all alike (from the same mold) with no clear-cut difference. This can be disheartening but if we (believers) would subscribe to talking less and doing more, very shortly, the world will change their minds seeing that we are not of the same mold by reason of our actions.

But Maintaining An Unhidden Christian Identity is where it all begins. By the way, that is the fifth pillar. An Unhidden Christian Identity simply means that, others recognise that you are a believer. It becomes their private and public testimony about you. By implication, your spirituality is not only known by you but others as well.

Four benefits you will enjoy as you maintain an unhidden Christian identity:
  1. Preservation from unnecessary temptations. I am not saying you will not be tempted to compromise, but your identity will reduce the temptations you will have to deal with as people would already know what your values are.
  2. Delivers you from wrong company. The simple truth is, you attract your kind except you are faking it. There is a level you get to in your walk with God that just by your appearance, people see God. And this sends a message to them (without you preaching) and by themselves, they decide if they can associate with you or not. And I write this as a testimony to the glory of God.
  3. You enjoy God's backing and favour. When you stand for God, He stands by you. Anywhere people manifest godly character, favour from above flows in their direction.
  4. Finally, it enhances commitment to godly character. I remember my days as an intern in one of the leading Oil & Gas companies here in Nigeria, I happen to be the only female in the department where I worked. I worked with boys and men. Unknown to me, they were watching my character and I didn't know. I was just being myself. And you know what? My character earned me the name: Woman of God! I wasn't preaching neither was I moving around with a Bible. As a matter of fact, I had not began writing officially. It was the fruits my life was emitting that got me that name but on the other hand, being called that name was an added responsibility as they expected more from me. You and I know that as a Woman of God, there are certain things they will expect and also not expect from a Woman of God. So, naturally, it enhanced my commitment to maintaining a godly character.
Sweets, it is no longer news that we have been likened to light according to scriptures. Like light, we are expected to shine and keep shining. Nobody hides light. If you are truly a light, you shouldn't be hidden unless you are not a light. Show that you are: SHINE!

Ponder Point: Nothing simplifies godly living like Maintaining an unhidden Christian Identity.

Action Point: Do not hide your christian identity for the benefit and security of your life and destiny.

Prayer Point: LORD, at such a time as this where people are having [spiritual] identity crises, help me to maintain an unhidden Christian identity in Jesus name, Amen.

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