Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pillars Of A Godly Life (VI)

Memory Verse: "Take care and be on guard for yourselves and for the whole flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as overseers, to shepherd (tend, feed, guide) the church of God which He bought with His own blood." (Acts 20:28, AMP)

Scripture Reading: 1 Tim.2:1-8, Matt.25:14-30.

This is gradually coming to a close and I want to believe we are putting these pillars to work in our lives? If you are, you will agree with me that you are better off. If you are not, I can only wonder what could be your reason for not doing so. No sweetheart, do not try make excuses. It will not fly.

Here's a sixth
  • Spiritual Responsibility.
Spiritual responsibility is to be on assignment for God in one area or the other. 

When a person is spiritually responsible, a godly life is easy to lead because whenever there is something (an assignment) under you to take care of,  it puts you in a position of caution. You tread carefully.

I don't know why but I am reminded of these two experiences I had during my days in the university:

First, I knew I was supposed to be in the choir singing for the Lord but I choose not to because there were certain 'unchristian-like' habits and attitudes I held very dear to my heart at the time and I was unwilling to let them go. After trying out other service units I knew I had no business being in, I settled for Prayer Force.

Another time (in my 400 level first semester to be precise), I was chosen alongside a few others for a spiritual responsibility in my service unit. I was handed a letter by our unit head and I was told by that letter that I was made the Prayer Coordinator for the hostel where I stayed. I collected the letter and that was the last time I showed up for prayer meeting until my final year when I returned from Industrial Training. Yes I know that there is a strong grace for prayer on my life, but because of the same reason above, I fled.

You know why? Spiritual Responsibility (leading others) puts you under pressure to be spiritual. Highly spiritual. You have to up your game to the point that your spirituality exceeds that of the persons you are leading. And I wasn't ready to push beyond the spiritual level I was in at the time. So I ran away from accepting spiritual responsibilities, no matter how small.

Another person would take up a spiritual responsibility and find himself or herself: working for the Lord and yet not walking with the Lord. I couldn't do that: my walk with the Lord comes before my work for the Lord.

Okay, fast forward to this day, I'm writing for the Lord and yes, I'm almost done with the choir-joining process in the church where I worship (I'm having my interview this Sunday) and other private assignments I'm doing for Lord that I cannot say here so it doesn't appear like I'm hungry for praise from men. My point is, these spiritual responsibilities have further assisted my walk with God. When I'm tempted and I remember you, my dear readers, I'm compelled to press past whatever temptation that may be knocking on the door of my heart.

Think about this: a twenty-one year old married man may become more organized than a fifty-one year old unmarried man. What is the difference? The responsibility on the young man matures him. He has a wife and probably a child to take care of. Also, at whatever age a girl becomes a mother, whether at twenty or thirty-five, she becomes more mature. The fact that a human being has come into the word who depends on her makes her more serious with life.

Therefore, when people become responsible, even in spiritual matters, it moves their life to another level of maturity, spiritual maturity.

The following are the perks you will enjoy:
  1. Responsibility imparts maturity on you. 
  2. Facilitates growth and development. If people are learning from you, it helps you grow because you have to learn so as to teach.
  3. It brings discipline. You just know you can't behave like the rest as a spiritual leader.
  4. Destroys idleness and encourages spiritual diligence.
  5. Attracts divine presence and grace. The grace God gives a responsible person is bigger than the grace (s)he alone requires, because of those to whom (s)he must impart same.
Don't be like I was. Go ahead and accept spiritual responsibility as you're led and see yourself grow in grace. However, here's a word of caution:

Ponder Point: You cannot grow until someone is learning from you.

Action Point: Refuse to be spiritually irresponsible. Ask God for an assignment, if you do not have one. Mentor or disciple at least one person per time.

Prayer Point: LORD, what will You have me do? I await an instruction from You in Jesus name, Amen.

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