Sunday, October 30, 2016

No Good Old Days

Memory Verse: "Do not ask, "Where have all the good times gone?" Wisdom knows better than to ask such a thing." (Eccl.7:10, VOICE)

Scripture Reading: Is.43:18-19.

The phrase 'Good old days' is a cliché in popular culture and it refers to an era considered by the speaker to be better than the current era.

But we're told by Scriptures that only fools think and speak this way! The Spirit of God lets us know that it's pointless wishing for the so called 'good old days.'

God wants you to be happy about today; not wishing you could go back in time and live in the days of your forbears, because you believe things were better back then than they are now.

The Bible lets us know that it is not wise to make such a comparison (see Prov.4:18).

When you say things were better 5 / 10 years ago than they are today, you're inadvertently making a self-contradictory statement. If things were truly better 5 / 10 years ago, that certainly ought to have given birth to better days today. Remember, a good tree will only produce good fruits (Matt.7:17-18). Therefore, what you're harvesting in your life today are the investments of five years ago. Whatever you did then was programmed to deliver to you what your life is today.

Always remember that today's problems (whether in your life or in the world) didn't arise of themselves. They're the offspring of yesterday's choices and investments. This is why you ought to ensure that you sow the right seeds everyday, every time.

Rather than wish for yesterday, be happy about the day in which you're living. You're here now, so this is your time. Be excited about life and be hopeful about tomorrow. Don't wish for days that have passed because they will never come back again.

The problems and delays in your life today are not for you to cry about, they're your opportunities to create the change you desire to see in your world.

Start programming and re-programming yourself now for a better tomorrow by using all the necessary tools found in God's word to make quality decisions that will bring about the tomorrow that you so much desire. 

Remember, an hour from now is future and one hour ago is past. If you have this understanding, you'll be under pressure to sow the right seeds and make proper investments every second.

Ponder Point: The only way you may correct the bad things in your past is to add better things to your future.

Action Point: Sow the right seeds. Make the right investments for your future today. Now.

Prayer Point: Lord forgive me for the times when I spoke in ignorance. Having received wisdom from Your word this morning, I ask that You help me make the right decisions for a better tomorrow in Jesus name, Amen.

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