Sunday, October 16, 2016

You Need A Nathan

Memory Verse: "Then Nathan said to David, "You are the man..."" (2 Sam.12:7, AMP)

Scripture Reading: 2 Sam.12:1-25.

When David sinned by committing adultery with Bathsheba, it seemed like he would get away with it. After he arranged for her husband's death, David married Bathsheba, and they enjoyed their new child together, not until God killed the child (see 2 Sam.11:1-27).

The Bible has no record of anyone from David's kitchen cabinet (inner circle) chastising him for his sin. Not the servants who sent for Bathsheba. Not the general (Joab) who put Uriah in a place where he would be killed in battle. 

However, there was a Nathan who would not let David get away with his sin.

Nathan was wise in his approach to David- he did not come right out and say what David had done. Instead, he told a story about a man who loved his ewe lamb and how a rich man (with many flocks and herds) selfishly slaughtered the poor man's beloved lamb in order to entertain company. David was outraged and called for the rich man's death. 

David's reaction to this story reminds me of that moment when you finish committing an iniquity and you forget completely that it is you that's been talked about and for some reason, you join them in crucifying the fellow while thinking in your mind how humans are very cruel and wicked! But to the surprise of king David, Nathan said to him, "You are the man!" I can imagine the look on David's face after hearing such a raw truth. I know this feeling because I have been here before.

While we may not have committed the same sins as David, we have fallen short and needed to hear correction from someone close to us. 

The importance of a Nathan figure in our lives cannot be overemphasised. We need a Nathan to remind us that God has blessed us with many blessings so we do not covet. We need a Nathan to encourage us to live righteous and pure lives that are untainted by worldly living. We need a Nathan so our hearts do not become full of pride and selfishness because of our spiritual, positional or financial increase.

Have you got a functional Nathan figure in your life?

Ponder Point: A positional Nathan is different from a functional Nathan. Know the difference.

Action Point: Be accountable.

Prayer Point: Dear Lord, I pray for people in my life who will encourage me to keep my eyes on Christ and not the things of this world, in Jesus name, Amen.

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