Saturday, November 12, 2016

Handling Depression

Memory Verse: "Elijah was a man exactly like us..." (Jms.5:17, MOUNCE)

Scripture Reading: 1 Kgs.19:1-21.

I remember the very first time I read from God's word that Elijah battled with the spirit of depression at some point in his life, I almost couldn't believe it! I kept wondering how such a one as Elijah got entangled in the web of depression to the point that he asked the Lord to take his life!

I stop wondering when I saw our memory verse: "Elijah was a man exactly like us..." By implication, he went through the same things we go through. His emotions were fickle just like ours. Elijah became a candidate for the spirit of depression when he got physically tired, emotionally drained, and felt threatened. He was a basket case of emotional problems: fear, resentment, guilt, anger, loneliness, and worry. The point is, he was first a man [subject to like passions as we are] before he was a prophet of God. Little wonder he wrestled with the same problems we do.

I find this very comforting because I'm confident that all hope isn't lost for someone out there that's battling with the spirit of depression.

But then the first step to being free from the spirit of depression is finding out the root cause and attacking it from there. And this takes us to asking ourselves this question, 'Why do we get ourselves into such emotional messes?'

Sometimes, it's because of what has happened to us- bad circumstances that occur(ed) in our lives, our past (for those with a terrible past). But more often than not, it's due to our faulty thinking (see Prov.23:7). Allow me to say therefore that the rate of your faulty thinking is directly proportional to the rate of your being depressed. In other words, where there is no faulty thinking, you can't be depressed.

The truth is our emotions are generated by our thoughts and when we think in destructive and not constructive ways, we are surely going to feel depressed. Our emotions spring from how we interpret life and if you always see things from a negative perspective, you're surely going to get down. 

To rid yourself of harmful emotions, you must learn to change the way you think (see Rom.12:2). To overcome depression, you must learn to correct your wrong thinking and attitudes about life. In the words of Jesus in Jn.8:32 (TLB), He said: "and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." And what's truth? The word of God (see Jn.17:17). Looking at things from the right point of view-- God's viewpoint-- is the path to overcoming depression.

Ponder Point: You can heal from depression.

Action Point: Allow the truth control your thought pattern.

Prayer Point: Father, having discovered the truth, I stand on the power of the truth of Your word and I decree that the hold of the spirit of depression on my life is broken and I declare that I am free in Jesus name, Amen.

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