Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Marry Right


It was Dr. D. K. Olukoya that said and I quote, "The next worst thing after hell fire is a bad marriage."

Friends, in other to fulfill God's assignment for your life [and you have a desire to be married], it is COMPULSORY you marry RIGHT.

Your choice of spouse is a reflection of your ambition or lack of ambition. Your choice of a spouse is a measure of your level of class or lack of class. Your choice of a spouse is a mirror of your confidence. 

He or she is a carbon copy of your deepest hopes, a blue print of your future and a projection of your high aspirations and deepest longings as a man or woman.

In summary, your choice of spouse is a reflection of you.

CHOOSING a spouse requires your highest level of wisdom and this wisdom is gotten by [spiritual] discernment; and prayer, especially praying in the Spirit is one tool that sharpens your discernment level.

Prov.22:3 and Prov.27:12 informs our prayer this morning:

PRAYER 3 of 7: "Holy Ghost, sharpen my discernment (spiritual intuition) as a believer in choosing a spouse in Jesus name."


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